Bring your family and make some noise!

Opportunities for family fun abound at Scolton, including the playground and Pirate Ship, Scolton Express Play Train, and our fully equipped Musical Play area! The latter offers children and adults alike the chance to experience the joy of music-making in the fresh open air, and ensures that your family’s day at Scolton will be a particular delight for the musical among you – and possibly the beginning of a love affair with music for others.

Paddle Pipes more than three metres in height; a set of 15 tubular chimes that can be played by up to six players at a time; a vertical wooden xylophone that’s approached from either side encouraging interaction and collaboration: these are only a few of the musical attractions at Scolton.

The outdoor instruments at Scolton Park have been specially designed for educational, therapeutic and recreational use. They are suitable for children of all ages, including those with a disability or sensory deprivation.

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