School kids getting a tour of the manor house

Victorian Mystery Object Session

  • Fun, hands-on session during which students learn by trying to identify the function of various historical household objects.
  • Can take place either at Scolton Manor, or in the classroom.
  • Suitable for 7 – 11 years.
  • Can accommodate up to 30 children.
  • Duration approx. 1–2 hours / £3 per child

Woodland Explorer Session

  • Provides a hands-on experience of Pembrokeshire’s wildlife and plants in a range of habitats including natural woodland and meadows
  • Can be tailored to Foundation Phase or KS2
  • Can accommodate up to 30 children
  • Duration 2–4 hours / £3 per child
Kids climbing on wood playpark

Beekeeping Tour

  • PBKA-guided tour of the Pembrokeshire Beekeeping Centre
  • Suitable for KS2 upwards
  • Can accommodate up to 30 children
  • Duration 1 hour / £2 per child

Build Your Own Birdbox

  • Available through the Station Shop
  • Suitable for KS2
  • Can accommodate up to six children
  • Duration 30 mins / £4 per child
  • Download further information here

Grab & Go Boxes

  • Resource Boxes for Foundation Phase children to use onsite at Scolton Park
  • £2 per child

We can also provide materials for off-site learning at no charge. ‘Discovery Boxes’ contain materials relating to historical topics including history, faith, and science; ‘Decades’ packages include a range of material illustrating the history of individual decades from 1900–1989. Please enquire for more details.